Uncle Al and Ruby.

July 28, 2009

Uncle Alex was here for a quick visit yesterday on his way back down to New Orleans. Ruby just loved him. She followed him around saying “Al” all night, hugged him, played with him, talked to him, and laughed with him. Since she is normally so shy, it was really great and totally adorable. He left this morning, but I’m sure they’ll stay really good friends. 🙂

Here’s a pic of Al and Ruby after we got ice cream.

All smiles!

All smiles!

I made Brian sneak in for this one. Even though no one was looking at the camera, I still thought it was a cute shot!

The brothers and Ruby, still gazing at Uncle Al.

The brothers and Ruby, still gazing at Uncle Al.


Ruby and the baby.

July 27, 2009

After Ruby woke up from her nap today she wanted to snuggle with the baby, a favorite activity these days. Brian managed to get a few shots of this really special moment.






Note to family: If you’d like any of these to print, let me know and I’ll send you the original files!

During Brian’s 4-DAY WEEKEND (!!) we did tons of stuff together as a family. One of the highlights for Ruby was walking around the “festival.” Bele Chere was crowded, but we had fun watching her people watch. Her favorite part, which was completely un-festival-related, was the little kitty she found under a vendor’s table. Here’s some pretty uneventful pictures of our eventful day:

At breakfast before the festival started...don't mind the smudge, it's a kid-print.

At breakfast before the festival started...don't mind the smudge, it's a kid-print.

Mommy! Daddy! There's a kitty under here!

Mommy! Daddy! There's a kitty under here!

I want to hold it!

I want to hold it!

Hooray! Look at this little kitty!

Hooray! Look at this little kitty!

After thought: I can’t believe I forgot to include this story…

So, after breakfast and before we ventured out to the festival, we stopped at the restaurant to do some touch-up painting. While both Brian and I were occupied, Ruby took Brian’s keys and locked herself in the wine room. About 15 minutes later we finally found her, and had no way to get her out!! After removing a stair to try to get to the trap door, which was unreachable, and after trying to use the bobby pins in my pocket to turn the lock,we decided we couldn’t do it on our own. Thankfully Ashley had an extra key, and drove it over from his house. Brian had to run a mile to meet him (all roads were closed due to festival activities – how convenient!). Ruby cried and cried and stared at me through the window, begging me to let her out. I wanted to cry myself. She kept screaming “Nigh Nigh!!!” as if her saying she’d go to bed might get me to let her out. I was heartbroken. Finally, an hour later, poor Ruby was released from her prison with Ashley’s key that Brian ran 2 miles for. She was so beside herself that she barely even noticed she was free!

It was quite the day…we are pretty sure she’ll never step foot in the wine room ever again!

Reading and relaxing.

July 27, 2009

Here’s Ruby curled up with a big book and her special blanket. She relaxed for a whole 5 minutes – a new record!



30 weeks 1 day…

July 21, 2009

…I’m getting bigger!


Painting the house!

July 19, 2009

Here’s a collection of pics of the nesting I’ve been up to. I am a mad woman, and can’t seem to stop!!

First off, the new “BOWN” (this is brown in Ruby language) wall in the living room. I found it made a huge difference – it makes thing really pop! I’ll probably paint the wall behind the tv too…maybe that’s tomorrow’s project…



And next comes Ruby’s room! Here are pics of her on her first night climbing into her bed with its new bedspread. The walls are a bright yellow (“BEDDO”) called Cantaloupe Smile, and an accent wall (not photographed) is also painted “BOWN”. I’ll have to get in there in the daylight and get some more shots so it’s easier to tell how we rearranged the furniture!!

I managed to score a great, practical armoir on craig’s list for $100, and it’s now in Ruby’s room. The drawers on it are Ruby’s new dresser, and the closet part will be used for baby things. Ah the fun of living in the house the size of a sardine can!! It’s been fun making space out of places where we really have none!

Climbing up onto her new bedspread for the first time!

Climbing up onto her new bedspread for the first time



Here are some shots of Ruby playing in the baby’s room. It’s painted now, but that’s about it. I have a few decorations ordered and on their way, so soon I’ll take pics of the finished product. Until then, at least you can see the color of the walls…Ruby loves the baby’s room because it’s “BLOO, ” her favorite color!!





Here’s Rubes and her doggy, checking out the puppies next door. It’s a new favorite evening activity. Notice Vi’s haircut from the back…spiffy, eh?