Painting the house!

July 19, 2009

Here’s a collection of pics of the nesting I’ve been up to. I am a mad woman, and can’t seem to stop!!

First off, the new “BOWN” (this is brown in Ruby language) wall in the living room. I found it made a huge difference – it makes thing really pop! I’ll probably paint the wall behind the tv too…maybe that’s tomorrow’s project…



And next comes Ruby’s room! Here are pics of her on her first night climbing into her bed with its new bedspread. The walls are a bright yellow (“BEDDO”) called Cantaloupe Smile, and an accent wall (not photographed) is also painted “BOWN”. I’ll have to get in there in the daylight and get some more shots so it’s easier to tell how we rearranged the furniture!!

I managed to score a great, practical armoir on craig’s list for $100, and it’s now in Ruby’s room. The drawers on it are Ruby’s new dresser, and the closet part will be used for baby things. Ah the fun of living in the house the size of a sardine can!! It’s been fun making space out of places where we really have none!

Climbing up onto her new bedspread for the first time!

Climbing up onto her new bedspread for the first time



Here are some shots of Ruby playing in the baby’s room. It’s painted now, but that’s about it. I have a few decorations ordered and on their way, so soon I’ll take pics of the finished product. Until then, at least you can see the color of the walls…Ruby loves the baby’s room because it’s “BLOO, ” her favorite color!!






2 Responses to “Painting the house!”

  1. Aubrie Says:

    Ruby looks so stinking cute in these pictures! And I love the colors you chose for the living room and the baby’s room!

    So happy to hear that the pregnancy is going so well!

    Miss you lots!

  2. i loooove all the colors! i can’t believe ruby’s bed is sooo big! looks sooo comfy!!!! we are painting now too. love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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