36 weeks!

September 4, 2009

I am actually officially 37 weeks tomorrow, but I just kept forgetting this week to post my 36 week picture.

I can’t believe we are a day from full term. We’re incredibly excited and feel really blessed that we’ve hurdled the preemie obstacle. This pregnancy has been a dream, and a breeze. Wow.

Now, here’s to hoping for a great delivery in just a few weeks or less! Besides testing positive for Group B Strep (ick!), which means I’m given just a small batch of IV antibiotics while in labor, we are happily preparing for a drug free delivery with our attending midwives and a doula. I am truly honored to work with such great women, and am so excited to birth our second daughter with them. I plan to keep posting pics each week right up until the delivery!!

We’ve also been preparing in other ways. For those who’ve asked, I’ve posted a very small gift registry through a local Asheville shop called The Littlest Birds. Search for it under “wishlist” at thelittlestbirds.com. You’ll notice, though, that we don’t have much on there because we really don’t need anything!! Instead, we’re hiring a postpartum doula to come by the house and help me once family is no longer visiting and Brian is back to work. She’s sending a mass email to our families to let them know how to contribute to our doula fund. If you’d like info, please let me know!

And goodness, please don’t think I am asking for a gift here! We really have everything we need and are so lucky to be having another girl for just that reason.

If everything works out as planned, we’ve having a professional photographer take pictures of our family both next Thursday and again after the baby is born. We are so excited to have portraits to hang in the house of the four of us together! And labor day is belly cast day, so keep an eye out for pics!!

Here I am at 36 weeks:

Ruby is always touching my belly! She loves her baby.

Ruby is always touching my belly! She loves her baby.

Things are starting to get pretty uncomfortable!

Things are starting to get pretty uncomfortable!


3 Responses to “36 weeks!”

  1. innominaterun Says:

    Oh man you really are a house!!! 🙂 And full term! Woo-hoo!!! Can’t wait to see pics of the new little girl!

    Can we please have a martini shortly after she’s born (it’s tradition, you know) over the phone, and then soon soon soon in person?!?!

  2. Aubrie Says:

    Oh geez. That’s from me above!

  3. Aubrie Says:

    wha? i hate these comments. leaving ghost comments or some such.

    back to facebook for me.

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