Backyard fun.

October 31, 2009

While Sylvie was napping, Ruby and I went outside to play. It was such a beautiful day, and I couldn’t resist taking pictures.




Hey ma!


Is this the spa?


Bathing "together"...

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

October 30, 2009

We went to the farm last week to see the animals and go to the pumpkin patch. Ruby especially loved climbing all over the hay!

We ran into our photographer there, and she took this adorable pic of Ruby. The rest were taken by me…I’m certainly not as talented as she is! Ha!

Ruby, by Jesse Kitt.


Rubes, Mommy, Sylvie and the baby chickens.


The rope swing!


Falling into the hay!


Which pumpkin dad?

Heading home...

Girls’ Weekend!!

October 27, 2009

Lindsay, Brynn, Maryann, and Allie (and Riley the puppy!) were here this past weekend! They drove down on Friday, and stayed till Monday morning. It was very quick, but so much fun. Of course, we kicked Brian out so we could take up the whole house by ourselves. It was awesome.

We really didn’t do much except eat, drink wine, and play with the kids. I think it was just too hard to get that many people ready and out the door at once! We DID manage a nice brunch out and a dinner at Cucina though.

Ruby loved having everyone here, and had an adorable obsession with her new friend “Frynn.” Sylvie was just bounced back and forth between all of our arms. It was so nice for me to have so much help with the girls. I am lucky to have such great family that way.

Here’s some shots from the weekend. Aren’t there some seriously good looking females in my family?? 🙂

"Yinny" and her nieces.

Don't worry, it's just sparkling OJ.

Al, Mare, and the baby.

Linds and Allie

Al and Me

Allie and Rubes

Ruby and "Frynn"







Sweet little baby.

October 27, 2009

Truly. Sylvie is just so sweet. She has her fussy times, but in general is just pretty easy. I’m not taking a moment of it for granted, because I know it can change at any time…but wow, this is a nice change from my Rubes.

She’s getting really big too! I bought a scale the other day and put her on it yesterday…it said 11 pounds…And she’s not even four weeks yet!! Ruby was 5 pounds when she was 4 weeks. It looks like we’re in for another chubby baby! Woohoo!





3 weeks!

October 21, 2009

Sylvie is three weeks today!  She’s growing and changing so fast. I could swear I got a smile out of her this morning, but it was probably just some gas…Wishful thinking, I guess.

Here are some pics from this morning, so you all can continue to ask yourselves who the heck she looks like!



Catching up!

October 19, 2009

I’ve rapidly discovered that finding the time to update anything internet related is much more difficult with two kids than one!! My apologies to anyone who is waiting on an email, a thank you card, or even a new picture album from us…between the massive amounts of laundry, Ruby being sick with a fever and cough, and a newborn who is growing so fast and is constantly hungry, I am having trouble finding the time to do much else!

We’ve had a busy almost three weeks with family in town. It’s been wonderful to have the help! This week is our first week alone, and my friends have set up a food tree to help us out! Woohoo!

Sylvie had her two week check up this past Wednesday and is already 9lbs 1oz. She is growing and thriving, and has been having much more alert periods! She loves to stare at the fans or the blinds. She’ll be three weeks in just a couple days – we can’t believe it!

Ruby is a great big sister. She is still so in love with Sylvie, and helps whenever she can, especially when it involves changing a diaper or dressing her. Ruby’s had a cold, which has made things a little harder for her (and me and Grandma!), and last night the cold turned into a fever. We hope she gets over it fast, and that no one else in the house catches it!

The restaurant has been really busy and Brian is so tired. He’s getting some more rest as I type this…Hopefully he’ll be able to catch up soon. Having a baby at the busiest time of year probably wasn’t the best planning on our part! Next time maybe we’ll try for a February birthday…HA!

Truthfully, though, we are so incredibly content with the size of our family. We have two beautiful, healthy daughters, and can’t wait to continue to watch them grow! Here are some pictures from the past two weeks…I have a million, so weeding them down to just this many has been difficult!

Hi Tylvie!

Hi Tylvie!

Ruby painting pottery!

Ruby painting pottery!

Staring at the ceiling fan.

Staring at the ceiling fan.

Dad and Rubes

Dad and Rubes

Ruby, Grandma, and Sylvie just hanging out.

Ruby, Grandma, and Sylvie just hanging out.

Ruby loving her sister.

Ruby loving her sister.



Creating a masterpiece at the Hands On Museum.

Creating a masterpiece at the Hands On Museum.

Little girl.

Little girl.

With her dolly.

With her dolly.

Big girl and little girl!!

Big girl and little girl!!