Girls’ Weekend!!

October 27, 2009

Lindsay, Brynn, Maryann, and Allie (and Riley the puppy!) were here this past weekend! They drove down on Friday, and stayed till Monday morning. It was very quick, but so much fun. Of course, we kicked Brian out so we could take up the whole house by ourselves. It was awesome.

We really didn’t do much except eat, drink wine, and play with the kids. I think it was just too hard to get that many people ready and out the door at once! We DID manage a nice brunch out and a dinner at Cucina though.

Ruby loved having everyone here, and had an adorable obsession with her new friend “Frynn.” Sylvie was just bounced back and forth between all of our arms. It was so nice for me to have so much help with the girls. I am lucky to have such great family that way.

Here’s some shots from the weekend. Aren’t there some seriously good looking females in my family?? 🙂

"Yinny" and her nieces.

Don't worry, it's just sparkling OJ.

Al, Mare, and the baby.

Linds and Allie

Al and Me

Allie and Rubes

Ruby and "Frynn"








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