Christmas 2009…

December 26, 2009

…was fabulous!!

Ruby made out like a bandit. Thank you to everyone for sending her such great stuff. She truly had a blast opening gifts. Our favorite part of Christmas morning was her reaction when she saw the pile of gifts in the living room…”Holy Holy Cow!!” She said it over and over again, and Brian and I just laughed and laughed. She really enjoyed her crown and her tutu, and swept the whole living room with her new broom set. Sylvie was an angel (of course), and is really enjoying her new lamb skin. Soon she’ll enjoy her other gifts, but since they involve more than just laying around and smiling, she has to grow into them. 🙂

I, on the other hand, made out best of all, with my new enV phone, and my new iMac. Holy Holy Cow are they awesome!! If you look up the definition of “spoiled brat” in the dictionary, it will say Lauren Candee – Christmas 2009″ next to it. I am one lucky lady!!

Brian’s gifts looked like nothing next to mine, but he felt lucky to get some really nice stuff. I got him the Larousse Recipe Collection and Escoffier. His cookbook collection is definitely something to write home about – and it is obvious why he is so inspired in the kitchen!!

Christmas Day started out wonderfully, and ended even better with a great dinner. Power went out in most of West Asheville and surrounding areas at 9am due to a fallen tree, and the Canipellis, who we planned on having dinner with, also were without power. So, we improvised!! We all met at the restaurant, which thankfully had power, and cooked a gigantic family meal together. It was such a good time. We made Uncle Alex’s Tur-Duc-Hen, truffled parsnip puree, brussel sprouts, and a huge salad of dates, walnuts, ricotta salata, and mixed greens. For dessert we had a pear and sour cherry tart in puff pastry with cinnamon brown sugar gelato. We drank beautiful wines including a 2001 Bertani Amarone and a 1971 PX Sherry, and had such great company. The kids ran around like maniacs with the limited toys we brought with us! It was very cool to have the space to ourselves, and such a unique way to spend Christmas. Thank god for the restaurant!

Christmas Eve.

A hungry and tired baby waiting for Santa to come.

Christmas morning, still in bed.

Holy Holy Cow!

Daddy and Sylvie opening the lamb skin.

The crown and the tutu.

Sylvie sneaking a smile.

Brian and Kindra being adorable.

Brians and kids.

Ruby and Uncle Brian.

Merry Christmas!!!


Ruby the photographer.

December 22, 2009

Ruby took these three pics last night while we were hanging out in the kitchen sipping wine and making dinner! She’s been obsessed with the camera ever since.

I helped a little with this one...

The Grove Park Inn.

December 22, 2009

Yesterday we visited the Grove Park Inn to see everything Christmas. They host the National Gingerbread Competition there each year, and we took a peek at all the entries. So cool!! These people have so much talent! There was also an enormous Christmas tree, and we sat down next to it to have lunch. Ruby had her very own hot chocolate (while mom had a heart attack they she might drip it on her Christmas dress!), and then sat down by the fire to enjoy the holiday choir. Her favorite part by far was the hug she got from Major Bear, and the candy cane he gave her from his very own pocket. Sylvie hung out and napped on and off. Her favorite part was sitting on dad’s lap and smiling at him!

One of our favorite gingerbreads.

Ruby feeling excited for Santa!

Daddy and Sylvie.

Enjoying her hot chocolate.

The girls in front of the tree.

Shriner’s Christmas Party.

December 17, 2009

Ruby was invited to the Shriner’s Christmas party this year! She got to meet a lot of other patients, and watched a Christmas clown show. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long enough to see Santa because Brian had to get to work. 😦 Maybe next year we’ll have a little more time!

Here are a couple pics of the girls dressed up to go. Ruby’s dress is Janie & Jack…I got it on sale when she was six months old, and it finally fits!! She looked just gorgeous. Sylvie’s also is Janie & Jack…a hand-me-down form a friend of a friend. They both looked so cute – I wanted to eat them up!


December 17, 2009

We’ve done so much since I last posted…And with Christmas coming and all of us being sick, I haven’t had the time tp update. Whoops!

Uncle Kenny (Apple Tenny) and Emily (Emmy) came to visit in early November and Ruby had a blast with them. I even got to go shopping with Emily and Sylvie one day while Kenny and Rubes stayed at home. It was awesome

Thanksgiving was another fun year with the Tribers. Ella and Ruby played while Sylvie and Shiloh remained their easy-going selves. We made an awesome dinner and had lot of leftovers to enjoy. It’s a great tradition we’ve managed to create with some of our best friends!!

The Friday after Thanksgiving Grandpa and Aunt Brynn (Frynn) drove in from Atlanta, where they’d been Thanksgiving-ing with the Klimaskis. Ruby and Sylvie really enjoyed their time with the grandfather they never get to see. Kim and Hayden, along with all five Klimaskis, drove in on Saturday, and we all enjoyed an amazing meal at Cucina. It was my dad’s first time (and the Klimaskis too), so it was extra exciting.

Wednesday the 2nd, we left at 9pm to drive to Philadelphia for Danielle and Pat’s wedding. The girls slept most of the way, and Brian drove the entire time. We checked into the hotel at 7am, after a quick Dunkin Donuts stop, and tried to rest up for the rest of the day. That night was d + p’s rehearsal dinner, and the next day I spent with Danielle, getting my nails done. I started to feel pretty crappy that day too, so I missed the nighttime festivities at Danielle’s parents’ house.

The next day, December 5th, was the wedding!! I was up early with the girls, and left by 10 to get to the salon. I got my hair and makeup (!) done with all the other fabulous bridesmaids. As the last of us left the salon, the snow began…and didn’t stop!! Danielle and Pat got to do their reveal shoot on a blanket of fresh snow, and it was just beautiful. Not to mention, Danielle looked like a super model. She was the most beautiful bride I have EVER seen. The day was just amazing, and I am so happy for Danielle and Pat. They deserve the best. It’s not everyday that you see a couple so meant for one another. I feel lucky to have them in my life!!

Congratulations to d + p, two of my favorite people in the entire world!! Pics to come…In the meantime here is a link:
alison conklin’s blog
Scroll down to Danielle and Pat’s wedding!

The ride home was anti-climatic. Brian drove the entire way again, and me and the girls slept. I was definitely feeling pretty awful, and later realized I had a sinus infection. Finally, a week’s worth of antibiotics later, I am feeling human again. Christmas has me in a frenzy, as I’m trying to get all of our packages in the mail for our families, and all the rest of the gifts wrapped. I used my paper bag stash as wrapping paper this year, and added decorative ribbon to each package. I can’t wait to see it all under the tree. It’s going to be gorgeous!

In the meantime, Ruby’s been working on all of her homemade gifts for her grandparents, and Sylvie’s been growing and growing. She was 13 pounds and 24 inches at her two-month check-up! Ruby was 26 pounds – can you belive Sylvie is already half her weight??!!

We got our Christmas tree a few days ago, and here are some pics of the girls while we decorated. The best part about toddlers and Christmas trees? The fact that all of the ornaments are hung below knee level!

Sylvie as her usual smiley self.

Ruby dancing and singing Family Party - woohoo!

The finished tree!