Ruby in February.

February 22, 2010

It’s been a crazy month so far for Rubes, especially with her big purple cast. Two and a half has been hard for her, especially when it involves transitioning from one place to another. Her tantrums can be long and difficult, but always end with an “I’m sorry,” or an “I’m done now,” and that’s that. She very good at using her please and thank-yous, and loves loves loves to sing anything and everything. Her favorites are “Twinkle twinkle little star,” and “ABCs,” and “Barney” (how the heck that happened I’ll never know!). She knows all her letters, and loves to recite them wherever she may be. Just the other day she let me know all the letters on a restaurant menu…she said she was “reading.” I loved it.
Ruby also LOVES her arts and crafts. Every morning when she wakes up she asks to “do da chaff” (which means “I want to do a craft.”). She loves to cut, glue, draw, paint, and just create. She’d do it all day long if she had the time. We love that she is so interested in creating. She’s also very into helping in the kitchen. Whenever we’re cooking she’s there to help mix, pour, and create. When she’s not cooking for real, she’s always making new pasta dishes in her own little kitchen.
Rubes is involved in lots of playgroups! Gymnastics and story time are two of her favorites. She loves to run around, and her cast doesn’t stop her from doing anything. We can’t wait for the spring when we can take all this energy to the playground!
Winter has certainly brought out the inner bookworm and artist in Ruby, and we’ll continue to focus on these great hobbies once the warm weather hits as well. She’s quickly learning her numbers, and can almost count to 20 (even though she always misses a few numbers in there!). We’ve chosen a great preschool for her in the fall, and we can’t wait for her to start! We are sure she’s going to love it.
Ruby is just an amazing girl. She’s sensitive and sweet, and loves to make jokes. She loves to run around and play and cook and clean. Even though she can be very difficult, she is the light of our lives. How did we get so lucky?

Making dessert in her kitchen.

Having a tea party.

Getting ready for a bath with a bag on her cast!

Being silly!

Ice pop!

Mommy, I yuv da new troller because I can hold Sylvie's hand when we walk. Awwww!


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