Sylvie in February.

February 22, 2010

Sylvie just melts our hearts. We are so grateful for her constant smiles and giggles…she is the sweetest baby ever. This month she’s started teething, so she’s constantly looking for something to chew. She’ll put ANYTHING in her mouth! The other day she had her first big laughs playing peek-a-boo with Ruby. It was the cutest sound I’ve heard in a long time.
Her favorite things to chew are Sophie the Giraffe and Dude the Elephant. She’s trying and trying to get her feet in her mouth these days, but can’t quite figure it out yet. She is so in love with her big sister, and watches her every move.
She’s just growing so fast, and I am so sad about that. I want to freeze her in each passing stage forever. I refuse to put jeans on her because I want her to be little for a while longer. I cried when I consigned her bassinet (that she never even used!) last week, and getting rid of her little clothes (that were once Ruby’s) is proving a harder task than I ever thought. I am trying to stretch each moment with her as best I can. I can’t believe that someday she won’t be a baby anymore.
Until then though, she continues to amaze us as she grows bigger and older and more aware each day. She’s enormous for her age (16.5 lbs and 26.5 inches long!), and most people think she is 7 or 8 months old. I still think of her as a newborn whenever possible. It’s obvious though, when I see babies younger than her, that she is growing up fast.
My little Tyl, we love you so much. Your smile always lights up our days.

Smiley girl.

She feel asleep in the middle of playing...who is this kid?

Peeking out from the pink jungle.

Mom + Sylvie love.

Sylvie eating Sophie.

In the new stroller!


Sleeping on Mom.


Ruby in February.

February 22, 2010

It’s been a crazy month so far for Rubes, especially with her big purple cast. Two and a half has been hard for her, especially when it involves transitioning from one place to another. Her tantrums can be long and difficult, but always end with an “I’m sorry,” or an “I’m done now,” and that’s that. She very good at using her please and thank-yous, and loves loves loves to sing anything and everything. Her favorites are “Twinkle twinkle little star,” and “ABCs,” and “Barney” (how the heck that happened I’ll never know!). She knows all her letters, and loves to recite them wherever she may be. Just the other day she let me know all the letters on a restaurant menu…she said she was “reading.” I loved it.
Ruby also LOVES her arts and crafts. Every morning when she wakes up she asks to “do da chaff” (which means “I want to do a craft.”). She loves to cut, glue, draw, paint, and just create. She’d do it all day long if she had the time. We love that she is so interested in creating. She’s also very into helping in the kitchen. Whenever we’re cooking she’s there to help mix, pour, and create. When she’s not cooking for real, she’s always making new pasta dishes in her own little kitchen.
Rubes is involved in lots of playgroups! Gymnastics and story time are two of her favorites. She loves to run around, and her cast doesn’t stop her from doing anything. We can’t wait for the spring when we can take all this energy to the playground!
Winter has certainly brought out the inner bookworm and artist in Ruby, and we’ll continue to focus on these great hobbies once the warm weather hits as well. She’s quickly learning her numbers, and can almost count to 20 (even though she always misses a few numbers in there!). We’ve chosen a great preschool for her in the fall, and we can’t wait for her to start! We are sure she’s going to love it.
Ruby is just an amazing girl. She’s sensitive and sweet, and loves to make jokes. She loves to run around and play and cook and clean. Even though she can be very difficult, she is the light of our lives. How did we get so lucky?

Making dessert in her kitchen.

Having a tea party.

Getting ready for a bath with a bag on her cast!

Being silly!

Ice pop!

Mommy, I yuv da new troller because I can hold Sylvie's hand when we walk. Awwww!

Happy, Clean Baby.

February 22, 2010

Could Sylvie be any sweeter?

Ruby’s surgery.

February 22, 2010

It went so well!!
Her cast is enormous, like a neanderthal’s club. And purple, like Barney. I am so afraid she will hurt someone with it in one of our playgroups!
The doctor said she did really well, and that everything went as planned. They were able to take her skin graft from the same hip so she’ll have to deal with less scaring. So now we wait for the hip bandage to fall off on its own, and we scheduled her cast to come off March 1. Then we’ll all get to finally see her hand!
She was such a trooper, and we’re so proud of her. She refused all medication after the first day, and seemed to just fine like that!
Thanks, Grandma, for all your help during the hospital stay. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Grandma and the girls before the surgery.

Sylvie and Daddy waiting for surgery to be over.

Ruby recovering with Mommy.


February 22, 2010

That’s me. I have sooooo much to post, and am too overwhelmed to know where to start.

So today I will start to play catch up. More to come soon.

Hands On! Museum

January 24, 2010

This is one of our favorite places to take Ruby (and Sylvie, too). We ventured out on Martin Luther King Day – oops! it was crowded! – and here are a couple pics.

The wizard washing her hands.

The girlies on the chessboard

Sylvie at home, having a blast in the jumper.

Ruby's big brown eyes.

…is a week from today. I have the butterflies, and would seriously consider valium if it was compatible with breastfeeding!!

Please keep her in your thoughts this week, and through till next Friday, when we get released from the hospital. She says she is looking forward to her cast, and can’t wait to draw a big heart on it! We hope this is her last surgery, and that it’s as successful as the first.

Love you Rubes.